Unified collaboration

British Commonwealth member nations work together and collaborate on a number of mutually beneficial issues established by the Commonwealth Legislatory Will - like trade, the green agenda, emergency situations, financial inclusion and technology innovation.

This will of the people is authored by the Commonwealth Trustees’ to attempt to reflect the true desires of the people of the Commonwealth on the types, breadth and focus of issues that matter to the people which need debate and legislatory action, and this should serve as a strong guideline in the proceedings of the Supreme Congress.

The Commonwealth Senate as such represents the unified effort (collaboration) of the member nations to reach consensus on these issues and thus laws to pass (Union law) which helps make the Commonwealth bloc of nations a harmonious one, guided by Global Britain.

Global Britain is fundamental guidance setting the standard for deep cooperation and partnership for member nations.

Global Britain means the Global Britain Framework (Global law) and represents the geopolitical standard that regulates how political, social and economic relationships and unity with the United Kingdom should work, and how such should be applied between member nations within the Commonwealth.

The Supreme Congress aims to enable and further the goals of Global Britain in the sense that it serves as a unifying platform for the tangible route and real tools created for the public, industry, governments and business to grasp the new opportunities of free trade, investment and cooperation.

Global law in its collective form is made of internationally recognised templates of relations to achieve global peace, unity, cooperation and prosperity for every human being.