Lord Chairman

Michail Roerich

HSH The Duke of Commonwealth

His Highness the Duke of Commonwealth was born on September 12, 1991 in Warsaw, Poland, to a family of Greek shipowners and is a statesman with an ideology and skills in finance and technology.

His Highness is an ardent strategist by background passionately developing pioneering ideas that make our world a fairer and happier place moreover enjoys exploring how technology, economics and the green agenda can collectively make our lives better, more so on the road to establishing a creative society.

After the passing of his brother in 2016 and a series of profound events in Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the Greek crisis that led to significant personal sacrifices, His Highness has dedicated his life to public service.

His Highness is a descendant of Queen Olga of the Hellenes, Princess Amelia Rørich of Kiev and Prince Mikhail Kutuzov of the Russian Empire, each proud and wise Virgos as himself from whom he takes inspiration.

The Duke of Commonwealth primarily has British, Greek, Norwegian and Ukrainian roots and relatives, and on this basis to unite the family established in 2023 the Norway based House of Roerich and became head of what shall be known as a British-Norwegian family with Greek and Ukrainian branches.

His Highness is a proponent of direct democracy and a self-governing society with a regime that is pure and true democracy being an ideology instilled in him by his mentor for over a decade - the late Prince Philip.

The Duke of Commonwealth drafted in 2021 on behalf of the people of the British Commonwealth a constitution for the core reform and deep renewal of the Commonwealth of Nations in existence since 1926 so laying the groundworks for the direct congressional democracy of the union and the Commonwealth Framework which following established the Supreme Congress, the Commonwealth Courts and the Union Government under the permanent Dominion of His Highness and funded by HSH Treasury making the Duke the first Commonwealth Trustee and the President of the Commonwealth.

His Highness is the founding father of the Union State of British Commonwealth, a sovereign political form of union and alliance of the people of 60 member nations on constructing a self-governing society based on creative ideology, while preserving and strengthening the sovereignty and voice of the people of each individual member state, in mutual benefit, development and common interest, for joint prosperity, general welfare and happiness.

His Highness created in 2022 The Greek Crown as a corporation sole in his name as Governor on behalf of the Greek people. In 2023, following the unity of the House of Roerich and to reflect the duty towards each and all of the citizens of the Union State of British Commonwealth, The Greek Crown became The Commonwealth Crown.

Over 2020 – 2022 His Highness gifted most of own assets (292 bn. sterling) to the public via The Commonwealth Crown, including some to British Ukraine, The African Crown Estate and British Commonwealth.

Over a century old the 17 offshore Royal Hellas Trusts have securely held the wealth of the Greek-Russian royal families to which His Highness is beneficiary and received access in 2018. Jointly with other beneficiaries 12 of these trusts including those that give full control and ownership over the Royal Bank of Greece were merged into the public institution and estate Royal Hellas to which His Highness became President.

His Highness made the Greek and Norwegian people the sole beneficiaries of Royal Hellas and gifted to them complete ownership of his entire trust valued at 18 bn. sterling. The other 11 beneficiaries gifted a total of another 247 bn. sterling.

He also gifted to the Greek and Norwegian people, 3.37 thousand metric tons of gold reserves in the form of 45% of the oldest gold trust - the Glob Gold Trust which holds the gold bullion that was owned by the Russian Imperial Romanov family in 1916. His Highness remains as a 7% beneficiary of the trust.

Over the past 18 years has held various finance related roles in banking, industry and technology. A board member of the Electronic Money Issuer and Chairman of the British Technology Bank and Royal Bank of Greece, as well as the Chairman of Gofer Wealth plc that has over 184 bn. sterling of assets under management.

The Duke of Commonwealth started his financial career in 2005 in the family owned shipping company Sunlight Maritime as an accounting assistant and worked his way up to financial co-director within a decade. Alongside that His Highness began programming at the age of ten years old and was an avid supporter of numerous internet projects and a contributor to some of those, for example contributed to the development of the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 and regularly contributes to the new .Net Core open-source framework.

In 2009 moved to London and started a company offering computer support services which quickly grew and within five years expanded into cloud computing and eCommerce activities creating the Energo Corporation.

At its 10-year anniversary the corporation had expanded into climate change, energy and artificial intelligence, and after the merger with other Energo companies, the Energo Group was formed with a combined turnover of over one billion sterling. During the same year Kalypsso PLC was formed, a partnership in the smart data space between a member of the group, Tilefonica and four other companies, IBM, Google, Cisco and Intel.

During these ten years using the European Union Directive 110 of 2009 His Highness brought to market as a parallel currency the Golden Drachma during the Greek crisis, establishing the Electronic Money Issuer based in London as the central bank for it. The currency is used by half a million Greeks that earn below the national minimum wage and previously had no access to banking facilities. His Highness gifted ownership of the central bank to the people via Royal Hellas.

Founder and Chairman of the Roerich Technology Institute, a think tank and applied research laboratory focusing on using technology, data and economics to solve global practical problems. As part of his activities at the institute the Duke of Commonwealth worked on projects like the Virtou artificial intelligence, Good Electricity, the Weather Project and the Folding@home distributed computing project with Stanford University. The Institute has an annual budget of 35 million euros for research and is based in Greece.

The Duke of Commonwealth created the Athens Property Exchange and jointly with the late Doug Garforth His Highness invented the Reputation Index used by first-class banks.

At the Institute His Highness came up with the vision of nationwide green technology initiative for Greece and launched it in 2018 as a joint program with the Alexander Foundation as main financiers. To date the Green Greece program has raised over 300 million euros for its 189 members for projects in the areas of renewable energy, electrification, water management, climate change and pollution prevention all over the globe.

Launched Green Britain in July 2021 jointly with The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

His Highness is Vice-Chairman of the Alexander Foundation, the family foundation in the name of his late brother, where as part of the foundation mission of developing a happy and prosperous society the Duke of Commonwealth is working on solutions to combat poverty, reduce unemployment and create more opportunities for young people across the Commonwealth.

In view of His Highness’ desire to work on reducing poverty in Africa having seen first hand the African standard of living when he was a child, the Duke of Commonwealth convinced the other beneficiaries of the Glob Gold Trust that the equivalent of 19% of the trust that equates to the gold mined in Africa should be gifted to the people of Africa and become The African Crown Estate to be managed by the Royal Bank of Greece.

Following the passing of his brother, His Highness refocused some of his efforts which resulted in reestablishing control over various family assets in Ukraine, among them several gold mines. This naturally led to the question of what to do with this gold, and the Duke of Commonwealth created the Gofer Coin wealth generation currency in 2020 to help the smaller to medium investors, a currency that immediately sold out and as of end of 2021 has a market cap of over 2.2 bn. US dollars fully backed solely by this physically held gold bullion.

Building upon this experience and parallel to the work of the British Technology Bank with the Bank of England, the Duke of Commonwealth envisioned the Depositary Receipts as a new type of secured security and passed through the required regulatory framework to create the licensing authority for registrars and issuers and the Depositary Receipts Exchange to enable businesses to raise capital in an entirely new way.

His Highness jointly with Fredrik Creutz and Yang Liu formed the Sino-European Institute for Financial and Economic Development in Finland as a natural step to combine the work of the Roerich Technology Institute and the Finnish-Chinese boutique advisory firm Novae DXXII, on establishing stronger financial infrastructure and sector inter-connectivity with the People’s Republic of China, working on green agenda projects including green engineering, manufacturing and construction, as well as a range of specialty initiatives like Traditional Chinese Medicine and the resolution of the Chinese and wider global real estate crisis. Today all such activities of SEIFED have been absorbed into the Chinese branch of the Roerich Technology Institute.

The Duke of Commonwealth founded the Athens Council with a manifesto on a neutral Ukraine after holding a meeting in the summer of 2019 between the members of the governments of Ukraine, Greece and the United Kingdom. As its first Secretary His Highness is leading and promoting multiple international programs in the area of public governance, green projects, the energy sector and banking. At the council His Highness created the ecology committee and put the foundations for the Green Ukraine program as a public–private partnership, initially for 15 billion US dollars until 2030.

Via his work at the Athens Council, the Duke of Commonwealth coordinated the creation of British Ukraine in the name of the people of Ukraine as its principal and became its first Honourable Trustee and Chairman, to direct Ukraine into the Commonwealth and away from the dispute between the EU and Russia, to promote a renewed and stronger relationship between Britain and a British Ukraine, as well as create a real solution for British foreign policy via the Global Britain Framework.

A non-ministerial department of HM Government, the British Office for Ukraine was enacted with the help of the House of Lords and works with British Ukraine on developing the first template of relationships between the United Kingdom and Ukraine within the Global Britain Framework – an enhanced version of Global Britain.

Under stewardship from the Duke of Commonwealth the ownership of 16% of the Glob Gold Trust has been gifted to the people of Ukraine and will form 1.2 thousand metric tons of gold reserves of British Ukraine to aid in rebuilding of the nation post war and to increase the financial strength of the economy of Ukraine.

In 2022 agreed with The Crown the Realm Framework Agreement of 2022 and began the process to make Ukraine into the Commonwealth of British Ukraine.

His Highness is an ex-partner at Smith Barclay LLP and a founding member of the Gofer Group, a British conglomerate active in 13 industries including mining, forestry, financial services, biotechnology, energy and agriculture. Holds four non-executive directorships, two of which are in public companies.

His Highness is a lifetime member of the Polyphasic Sleep Society since 2010, is Chairman of the Global Britain Panel, is a member of the Grosvenor Barclay partnership, a Trustee of the Gofer Gold Trust since 2020 and is a shareholder of the Grosvenor Private Company.

His Highness graduated high school at 17 years of age with excellence, spent a year at the New York College (Business Shipping Administration) and a year at Business College of Athens (Accounting and Finance) as well as received accounting education at the Chartered Instituted of Public Finance Accountants in London.

Since 2014 a member of the #HeForShe solidarity movement initiated by the United Nations for the advancement of gender equality.

The Duke of Commonwealths’ list of hobbies includes music, design, astrology, polyphasic sleep and psychology with a focus on mental process and how that can be applied in business and politics, which culminated in the authorship of the Fair Code of Conduct and the Sales Guide. Writes often on matters of personal development, politics, wealth management and technology. Holds 7 patents.