The Committees

House Committees

The House of Committees establishes on a routine basis new House Committees as part of the Congressional House Sessions to conduct what’s known as the national congressional business.

Members of the Supreme Congress under the direction of the President of each ordinary or special Assembly, appoint committee chairs and split into committees.

House Committees are unique to an Assembly.

The rules of proceedings for each committee in an Assembly are ordained in a charter of said committee enacted by the committee chairs.

Joint Committees

Joint Committees are committees that consist of MCCs from multiple assemblies to conduct what’s known as cross-assembly congressional business or international congressional business.

Joint Committees have similar but broader powers to House Committees, of which some that are set up on a permanent basis.

Other appointments are for specific purposes like debating an international topic of the day.

The Commonwealth Commission appoints such and the rules of proceedings are agreed separately for each committee.

Commonwealth Committees

A Commonwealth Committee is established by Senators of the Supreme Congress from at least 3 member nations to debate issues of the day as part of the Commonwealth Senate Hearings.

The Collaborative Charta of the Senate dictates the rules of proceedings for these committees.

Nexus Committees

The term Nexus Committee is used differently in each chamber of the Supreme Congress, but the members of a Nexus Committee can be from any chamber by mutual agreement;

In the House of Committees, the Nexus Committee serves the purpose to coordinate debate and due process (including investigation) of making laws - each such committee is named after the future Bill of Law it considers.

In the House of Lords, a Nexus Committee serves as a secondary debating chamber for investigating topics where any Member and Senator of the Supreme Congress and any Commonwealth Citizen may attend and speak.

In the Commonwealth Senate, a Nexus Committee is created jointly with the union government on specific issues to do investigation of such issues and where union government ministers attend and are questioned on their work and where such respond to explain and justify policies and decisions in relation to such issues.

A Nexus Committee is always appointed to investigate a topic, an issue or a law affecting entirety of British Commonwealth and people.

Congressional Committees

Congressional Committees and their remit are established by the Commonwealth Commission or Supreme Commission to deal with matters related to the governance, conduct, remuneration and audit of Members, Senators and Lords of the Supreme Congress.

Special Committees

Special Committees and their remit are appointed and set up on an ad-hoc basis by the Council of Commonwealth Trustees’.