Chambers of the Supreme Congress

The national and international congressional business takes place in two Houses and Senate: House of Committees, House of Lords and Commonwealth Senate, each acting as a check and balance for each via escalation.

Escalation means the ability to escalate laws, votes, topics and issues between chambers.

Congressional work is similar of all chambers with intention to make and adapt Commonwealth Law (legislation).

The House of Committees assemblies jointly work on topics or objectives (cooperation).

In the Commonwealth Senate member nations reach consensus on issues (collaboration).

Both Houses participate in the reform of member nations within the scope of their stated national goals (self-reform) and debate topics (debating) while the Senate is there to also check and challenge the work of the union government (scrutiny) and to debate the issues of the day (debating).

House of Committees is by far the largest chamber with max capacity of 60,000 Members.