How is Peoples’ law made ?

Peoples’ law (statute of people) starts as motion from the public, either in the form of request for Recommendation or sponsored Directive.

Directives that have been passed by a single member nation may be voted upon by all the citizens of the Commonwealth and made into an Act of Supreme Congress.

Peoples’ law is voted on and agreed upon by the citizens of the Commonwealth, while the Supreme Congress and the union government may consider it, they cannot block such law.

Members, Senators and Lords can debate such law by escalation, but only Members and the union government can object to an Act of Supreme Congress, but to a part(s) of such act and not to its entirety.

Taken together, the Recommendations, the Directives and the Acts of Supreme Congress make what is known as Peoples’ Statute Law.

Peoples’ Statute Law is the peoples’ right to legislate in a self-governing society.